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Grade II* Listed
Parsonage Farm
North Elham
YearNameAddressRelationCM/FAgeOccupationPlace of birth 
1851Elizabeth WebbNorth ElhamWifeMF55 Eyworth, Bedfordshire,
1851William WebbNorth ElhamHeadMM53Farmer of 54 acres employing one boyMuggerhanger, Bedfordshire
1851Sarah WebbNorth ElhamDaughterUF13 Eltisley, Cambridgeshire
1861Elizabeth WebbNorth ElhamMother in lawWF66Farmer's widowEyworth, Bedfordshire,
1861William ColyerNorth ElhamFatherMM54Farmer of 32 acresBarhan
1861William H ColyerNorth ElhamHeadMM27Farmer of 34 acresStelling
1861Jane ColyerNorth ElhamWifeMF26 Eltisley, Cambridgeshire
1861Edward PattersonNorth ElhamServantUM14Ag. ServElham
1861Annie ColyerNorth ElhamDaughter F3 Elham
1861William Henry ColyerNorth ElhamSon M2 Elham
1861George W ColyerNorth ElhamSon M  Elham
1871George PalmerElham NorthHead M39 Kent
1871Sophia PalmerElham NorthWife F37 Kent
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The Farm has what may be part of the oldest known small house in this part of the country. It was owned by Merton College, Oxford, from 1270 until sold to the Palmer family in 1957. From the lane it appears to be a simple 18th century house, but the upper floor at the rear is 16th century and timber-framed, and has an overhang over a very curious undercroft.

The walls are of chalk block, about two feet thick, with stone quoins and narrow slit windows, which are blocked on the outside. There is a round headed doorway in the west wall. This undercroft once had a barrel vaulted ceiling, but this has been sliced off to take the Tudor joists above. All this indicates that it was the undercroft of a Norman house, perhaps as early as the 12th century. Any idea that it was once a chapel may be discounted as it is only nine feet wide inside.

Elham Study
1966 Listed by English Heritage  
2007 Parsonage Farmhouse North Elham Bryan Badham 10069
No ownership records found for this building

No ownership records found for this building