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Grade II Listed
2 The Square
The Square
YearNameAddressRelationCM/FAgeOccupationPlace of birth 
1871Mary StevensThe SquareWife F65 Kent
1871William StevensThe SquareHead M63 Kent
1871George H StevensThe SquareGrandson M10 Kent
1881Susannah Stevens The SquareWifeMF50DressmakerElham
1881John Stevens The SquareHeadMM47BrickmakerElham
1881Florence T. Stevens The SquareDaughterUF16 Elham
1891Susana StevensThe SquareWifeMF56DressmakerElham
1891John StevensThe SquareHeadMM55Hay TrusserElham
1901Sussanah StevensThe SquareWifeMF70DressmakerElham
1901John StevensThe SquareHeadMM67Gardener (Not Domestic)Elham
1911Mary BrowingThe SquareLodgerWF84Private MeansHastingleigh Kent
1911Susanna E StevensThe SquareHeadWF80DressmakerElham Kent
1939Kate HomdenThe Square WF84Incapacitated 
YearText Photos 
Part of 1 The Square early c19  
This attractive group of 18th century houses has been renovated in recent years, and much enhanced by the narrow garden border in front of them. While modernised inside, these housesstill retain a number of old features such as wide fireplaces, and occasional oak beams. Narrow brickwork at the rear of two of these premises appear to remain from earlier 17th century buildings Elham Study  
1966 Listed by English Heritage  
2006 Coutties Wynde The Square Bryan Badham 10017
2010 2 & 3 The Square Bryan Badham 10239
No ownership records found for this building

No ownership records found for this building