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Grade II Listed
Windlass Cottage
Cullings Hill
YearNameAddressFlatRelationCM/FAgeOccupationPlace of birth 
1841Elizabeth ClaysonThe Row1  F40 Kent
1841William ClaysonThe Row1  M40 Kent
1841John ClaysonThe Row1  M10 Kent
1841Mary HogbenThe Row2  F40 Kent
1841George HogbenThe Row2  M40ShoemakerKent
1841Jane HogbenThe Row2  F11 Kent
1841James HogbenThe Row2  M10 Kent
1841Eliza HogbenThe Row2  F8 Kent
1841William HogbenThe Row2  M6 Kent
1841Richard HogbenThe Row2  M4 Kent
1841Caroline HogbenThe Row2  F1 Kent
1851Ellen Bragg1 Well Street1HeadWF76Pauper (Bricklayer's Wife)Ince
1851William Bragg1 Well Street1SonUM42Bricklayer's JourneymanCharing
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It is end on to the road, and is faced with red brick, partly cemented, and appears to be 18th century. It is however an ancient timbered house, and inside may be seen timber-framing, which appears to be 14th century. This can best be seen inside the front door on the upper side of the house, where part of the outside of the old house may be seen. In the garden, on the lower side is an old well and windlass, which is a feature worth preserving. Elham Study  
Windlass - noun: a winch for lifting a bucket in a well.  
1771 1 & 2. Lease & Release dated 16 and 17 December 1771. Thomas Keet of Elham labourer to Gilbert Culling of Elham carpenter “All that messuage or tenement with the buildings garden or orchard and backside thereunto belonging ... twenty perches more or less ... in the parish of Elham ... now or late in the occupation of the said Thomas Keet. Keet had bought from John Maytham, Daniel Maytham, & Finnis Knott and Elizabeth his wife, John, Daniel and Elizabeth being the children of the late Edward Maytham. Peppercorn rent; £49. Thomas Keet, his mark; witnesses, Thomas Hodges, James White. [Edward Maytham's will, dated 2 October, was proved 1 December 1740. There had been a fourth child, Edward, probably the firstborn. An Edward Maytham was buried 6 May 1752, which suggest that sale to Thomas Keet took place after that date.] Title Deeds  
1805 3 & 4. Lease & Release dated 10 & 11 October 1805. Gilbert Culling of Elham carpenter to Robert Minter of Elham yeoman “All that messuage now in two tenements ... sometime in the tenure or occupation of Thomas Keet ... now or late in the several tenures or occupations of Thomas Lampert and John Chapman ... which said Gilbert Culling bought of Thomas Keet. Peppercorn rent; £105. Signed Gilbert Culling; witnesses, Wm Knocker, Thos Knocker. With Nos 3 & 4 is William Knocker's bill for the transaction. 26 Jly 1806 Settled W.K Title Deeds 90018
Transaction Bill 1805 Title Deeds 90018
1811 Lease & Release 10 & 11 October 1811. Robert Minter of Elham to John Hogben of Elham labourer “All that messuage now in two tenements ... in occupation .. Thomas Keet .. Thomas Lampert and John Chapman ... now said John Hogben and Thomas Hogben. Title Deeds  
Mortgage dated 11 October 1811. John Hogben to Charles Uden. Title deeds  
No ownership records found for this building

No ownership records found for this building