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Grade II Listed
Updown Cottage
The Row
YearNameAddressRelationCM/FAgeOccupationPlace of birth 
1841Henry HolladayUpper Row  M35 Kent
1841Maria HolladayUpper Row  F30 Kent
1841James HolladayUpper Row  M12 Kent
1841Elizabeth HolladayUpper Row  F11 Kent
1841Henry HolladayUpper Row  M9 Kent
1841Maria HolladayUpper Row  F7 Kent
1841John HolladayUpper Row  M5 Kent
1841William HolladayUpper Row  M4 Kent
1841Eliza HolladayUpper Row  F2 Kent
1841Sarah HolladayUpper Row  F  Kent
1851John Knowler5 The RowFather In LawWM58Ag LabElham
1851Isaac Clayson Jr5 The RowHeadMM40Ag LabElham
1851Mary Ann Clayson5 The RowWifeMF34 Barham
YearText Photos 
It incorporates a medieval hall house, which has been extended on the south-west side. The original timber-framed house, which appears to date from the 14th, or 15th century, once had an open hall, and a jetty, or overhang at one end. It takes up the whole of Updown Cottage and extends into Well Cottage. A floor was inserted in the old hall, and the main chimney added in the 16th century, and the whole was encased in brick and tile in the 18th century. Of the original house, most of the main framework still survives, as can be best seen inside the bedrooms. The roof also is largely original. Elham Study  
Well & Updown Cottage by Tony Blain Tony Blain RA 10255
1988 Listed by English Heritage  
2002 Updown Cottage Bryan Badham 10030
2010 Updown Cottage Bryan Badham 10178
 YearAddressHouse Name£ PricePurposeNotesOwner 
 2006The RowUpdown CottageHidden  Annie Bailey