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Grade II Listed
The Square
YearNameAddressRelationCM/FAgeOccupationPlace of birth 
1841Robert RigdenThe Square  M60 Kent
1841Mary RigdenThe Square  F50 Kent
1841Sarah ParamorThe Square  F25 Barham
1841Robert RigdenThe Square  M20 Kent
1851Robert RigdenThe SquareHeadMM72Grocer Baker And Farmer Of 120 Acres Employing 3 LabsElham
1851Mary RigdenThe SquareWifeMF62 Stowting
1851Elizabeth AyersThe SquareDaughterMF44Farmers WifeElham
1851Robert RigdenThe SquareSonUM31Farmer's Son Employed At HouseElham
1851Catharine AyersThe SquareGranddaughterUF16 Elham
1851Henry AyersThe SquareGrandson M13ScholarElham
1851William AyersThe SquareGrandson M9ScholarElham
1851Hannah AyersThe SquareGranddaughter F5ScholarElham
1861Robert RigdenThe SquareHeadMM82GrazierElham
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Rigden family through most of nineteenth century, and until death of Norah, last surviving daughter.  
This attractive group of 18th century houses has been renovated in recent years, and much enhanced by the narrowgarden border in front of them. While modernised inside, these housesstill retain a number of old features such as wide fireplaces, and occasional oakbeams. Narrow brickwork at the rear of two of these premises appear to remain from earlier 17th century buildings Elham Study  
1845 Tithe Apportionment 1845: 786, - Garden, 20 perch, owned and occupied by Robert Rigden  
1938 News in Brief. FAITHFUL SERVICE On our front page is announced the death of Constance Emma Rigden, of Elham, Kent, the former governess and devoted friend for 51 years of the family of the late Dr. and Mrs. Vere Nicoll. Brigadier & Mrs Fryer (she was daughter of H W Selby-Lowndes, Master of East Kent Hunt from 1900).  
1964 Court & Social. Brigadier and Mrs R.W.H.Fryer's permanent address is now Rigdens, The Square, Elham near Canterbury, Kent (telephone, Elham 372).  
1966 Listed by English Heritage  
2006 Rigdens The Square Bryan Badham 10018
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No ownership records found for this building