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c 1906
1 Beech Villas
High Street
YearNameAddressRelationCM/FAgeOccupationPlace of birth 
1921Charlotte P PalmerHigh StreetHeadSF70No OccElham
1921George W PalmerHigh StreetBrotherSM57No OccElham
1924Charlote E Palmer1 Beech Villas SF73 Elham
1930Blanche Frederica Selby-LowndesHigh StreetWifeMF60 Paris France
1930Henry William Selby-LowndesHigh StreetHeadMM56 Shenley Buckinghamshire
YearText Photos 
2003 POLICE are appealing for information after an an armed robbery at Elham Post Office, near Folkestone. A man carrying a handgun went into the post office, in Canterbury Road, at about 4.15pm on Monday and demanded cash from a member of staff. The raider placed the cash in a white plastic bag, ran from the post office and got into the passenger side of a maroon or dark red saloon car which was parked 50 yards from the shop. The car then drove off towards Canterbury. The car is described as similar in size to a Peugeot 206 and was driven by a woman with curly dark collar length hair. The gunman is described as a white man, 5ft 8in - 5ft 11in tall, with dark brown eyes and dark eyebrows that were joined together. He was wearing blue overalls with a blue hood and a white material mask. Police would like to hear from anyone who saw the car, or anyone who recognises the descriptions. They are asked to contact Folkestone Police.  
2006 A YOUNG driver who caused the tragic deaths of an elderly couple from Kent who were on holiday in Scotland has been jailed for four years. Civil engineer Brian MacKain, 23, overtook a slow moving camper van on a bend near Spean Bridge, Invernessshire, and ploughed head-on in a car coming the opposite way. Inside were holidaymakers, David Kinmont, 73, and his wife, Ann, 63, of The Row, Elham. The couple, who have three grown-up children, were taken to hospital in Glasgow with serious injuries but died within hours of each other. MacKain, of Mason Road, Inverness, was found guilty after an earlier trial of causing death by dangerous driving on April 7, last year. In addition to jailing MacKain for four years, the judge Lord Carloway also banned him from driving for five years. 90014
2007 A man in Kent helped save the crew of a yacht as it sank thousand of miles away in Central America. Paul Wilkin, who lives near Folkestone, received an alert call from his friend Jack Crofton, who was sailing off Panama about 5,000 miles away. Mr Crofton had picked up a mayday call from another vessel but couldn't reach local coastguards.So he rang Mr Wilkin, of Ottinge, near Elham, who in turn contacted Dover Coastguard. That led to their Panama counterparts being scrambled.Mr Wilkin, an ex-Royal Navy diver, said: "I was obviously very surprised to get the call." But Jack gave me the longitude and latitude of the yacht in trouble so I was able to relay the message to our coastguards."The yacht got into distress off the Panama Canal on Saturday. The three-man crew clambered onto a reef but their vessel sank. 90013
2008 1 & 2 Beech Villas Bryan Badham 10065
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 2002High StreetBeech VillasHidden  Annie Bailey